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Hemodialysis is a treatment for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney failure. It’s a treatment that takes over the function of your kidneys. Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, in Livonia, Michigan, provides many treatments for ESRD, including hemodialysis. To find out more about this treatment option, call the Detroit metropolitan area office or schedule an appointment online today.

Hemodialysis Q & A

What is hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a treatment that filters the waste and fluid from your blood when your kidneys are no longer able to. Hemodialysis uses a hemodialyzer, also called an artificial kidney, that removes fluid and waste from your blood. 

When your kidneys lose 85-90% of their normal function, hemodialysis is a treatment option to address your end-stage renal disease (ESRD). 

Without hemodialysis, the fluids and waste buildup in your body, leading to life-threatening symptoms and death. 

What happens during hemodialysis?

During hemodialysis, the machine removes blood from your arm, cleans it, and then returns the blood back to your body. In order to have hemodialysis, you need vascular access.

Vascular access is a catheter or port that allows the hemodialysis machine to remove blood from a blood vessel and return it back to your body. Placement of the catheter is a minor surgical procedure that joins an artery and a vein to create a fistula.

Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, provides vascular access management to help maintain this vital port.

Hemodialysis treatment takes 3-4 hours and occurs three days a week. Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, does blood work before your hemodialysis, which helps determine the length of your treatment. 

The more fluid in your body, the longer your dialysis.

In most situations, people go to a dialysis center for hemodialysis. At the dialysis center, health professionals hook you up to the dialysis machine and closely monitor you during treatment. 

The dialysis center also has a dietitian who talks to you about diet and nutrition. When on hemodialysis, you need to control your intake of fluids, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

High-flux dialysis is a type of hemodialysis that takes less time. Talk to your provider at Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, to see if this faster treatment is right for you.

Can I have hemodialysis at home?

Yes, you can have hemodialysis at home. 

Home dialysis allows you to do your hemodialysis in the comfort of your home. For treatment, you have a hemodialysis machine. These machines are smaller than those at the dialysis centers.

Home dialysis gives you more flexibility with your personal schedule.

When on home hemodialysis, you need to see your provider at Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, once a month for lab tests and diet and nutrition education.

To find out more about hemodialysis, call Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, or schedule an appointment online today.