About Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC

Board Certified Nephrologists located throughout SE Michigan

Established in 1984, Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, is a diverse, privately held practice in Livonia, Michigan, serving the Detroit metropolitan area. Board-certified in nephrology, hypertension, and internal medicine, the skilled physicians take an integrative approach to health care, providing care for people aged 20 and older.

Hypertension Nephrology Associates, PC, provides specialized medical management of acute and chronic kidney disease and hypertension, plus dialysis and post-kidney transplantation care.

The providers offer office consultations and follow-up services to patients with less critical conditions who require a nephrology specialist, like people with diabetes, electrolyte disorders, and hematuria

The practice also provides diet and nutrition guidance as well as education about lab values like glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which is a measure nephrologists use to assess kidney function.